We encourage people of good will to pray for justice, peace and security in the Holy Land this Christmas

Christmas is a time of hope and renewal, and this year in particular, long-awaited justice and peace in the Holy Land are at the forefront of many people’s minds.

The region has been in a state of volatile unrest for decades, but with stalled negotiations, escalating tensions and no end of the conflict in sight, it can often feel like there’s not much that can be done to make a difference.

This Christmas, people of all faiths are encouraged to come together and pray for justice, peace and security in the Holy Land. It may not bring an instant solution to the long-standing issues facing the region, but it is one small way we can unitedly show our support.

Prayer offers us a space to express our collective willingness to contribute towards finding equitable solutions to the on-going conflict. We can raise our voices in shared commitment to agreements that will serve the interests of all involved parties, in line with international law.

Our prayers don’t just express hope for a better future: they can also act as small gestures – part of a larger movement – that recognizes everyone affected by this conflict and shows solidarity. Prayers for peace should not be seen as pious platitudes, but rather as tangible acts of support and contribution towards creating a better world.

We encourage people of good will everywhere to join together this Christmas and offer up their heartfelt prayers for justice, peace and security in the Holy Land. Through our combined energy, support and positivity, we can bring light and hope when it is most needed.

This Christmas, we encourage people of good will to pray for peace, justice, and security in the Holy Land.

The Middle East has seen its share of turmoil in recent decades, but no area of the world is more complex or volatile than the Holy Land. Taking into consideration the religious, political, and cultural disputes that rage on in this region, it is no wonder that justice, peace, and security remain elusive.

But despite the many challenges at hand, there is still hope that can be found in prayer. We believe that through prayer, people of faith can foster a sense of security while seeking justice and peace throughout the region. This Christmas season is no exception.

We call on people of faith everywhere to come together as one global community and pray for justice, peace and security within the Holy Land. Our prayers are essential to helping secure a brighter future for all involved in this complex conflict. If we work together as individuals and communities of faith, we can bring into fruition God’s plan for a peaceful land— free from violence and suffering— that ultimately serves as a beacon of light and hope to the entire world.

At this time of peace and good will towards men (and women!), let us remember that we can make a difference by joining together in intercessory prayer for justice, peace, and security for all who live within the land so dear to many faith traditions.