It is said that Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. As we are coming up to this time of joy, why not take a moment to pause and send a special prayer to this sacred destination.

The little town of Bethlehem is one of the most influential places in human history. When Jesus was born there, He changed the world forever. Every year, millions of pilgrims come to visit the Church of the Nativity, built over the site where tradition holds that Jesus was born. To walk the same streets followed by Mary and Joseph as they made their journey to Bethlehem is both humbling and inspiring.

This season, it’s important to remember everyone affected by the conflicts that continue to plague this holy place today. For them, Christmas is another reminder of their suffering. Join us in sending a special prayer for those who live in Bethlehem – for peace and strength during these difficult times.

Your prayer may also reach people from different parts of the world who come to visit or pass through Bethlehem. May your prayers bring comfort to all those who long for peace and love for this sacred land. May God bless you as you send prayerful words for all those touched by this special place of hope and faith.

Christmas Day is around the corner and the world is eagerly awaiting news of peace in the Holy Land. Many Christians, Jews and Muslims around the globe will be sending special prayers to the town of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Christianity.

Bethlehem has been called the “City of Peace” and with this name comes a deep rooted spiritual meaning throughout the ages. For centuries, people of many faith have prayed for peace here in this Middle Eastern city as a symbol to unite different cultures, religions and nations.

This year, more than ever before, people of faith around world will be sending special prayers to Bethlehem, asking for healing and reconciliation between faiths. We will all be praying for peace to return to this region, for an end to conflict and a time of hope envigoration.

Pope Francis has even taken part in this special prayer initiative, issuing an official decree that all Catholics send an extra special prayer on Christmas Day for peace in Bethlehem and throughout the region.

Bethlehem offers three spiritual stories about birth: Jesus’ symbolic birth, United Nations Resolution 194 which declared that a child born in Bethlehem would have the right to live peacefully within Israel and its neighbouring territories, and finally, a global collective prayer directed towards one city – a prayer that those who suffer within its walls can find peace among its stones.

For most people around the world – especially during these difficult times – sending special prayers to Bethlehem on Christmas Day is an act of solidarity and brotherhood. So let us all send our extra-special prayers on this holy day to this holy city – prayers that are eventually heard on high and guided by faith.